APR Consultants – Overview

For over 33 years, APR Consultants has built a reliable reputation providing strategic advice for private and public sector organisations. Working with a wide range of companies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, industry bodies, trusts and iwi groups throughout New Zealand, APR Consultants’ research and analysis helps bring clarity to a client's business environment providing confidence to move forward.

APR’s specialist areas include:

  • Business development and strategy Feasibility studies, strategic planning, marketing strategy, operational reviews, market analysis etc.
  • Economic research and analysis Regional and district economic profiles and economic activity reviews, economic impact assessments, cost-benefit analysis, industry analysis, business and consumer confidence etc.
  • Social and market research o Customer perception and satisfaction surveys, social impact assessments, product usage and mystery shopper research, employment skills surveys, local authority surveys etc.
  • Local government planning o Strategic planning, annual plans, long-term council community plans, community outcomes, monitoring and reporting, recreation planning, s. 83 special consultative procedures etc.
  • Environmental planning and sustainability o Preparation of resource consent applications, environmental audits and impact assessments, sustainability assessments etc.

APR Consultants retains an in-house research unit to undertake primary and secondary research providing a sound basis to identify potential opportunities and obstacles and to develop strategy. APR’s cross-disciplinary approach of combining key skill sets helps ensure high quality analysis, advice and improved outcomes for clients. For more information, please visit our website or contact APR Consultants toll-free on 0800-277-937.